Warehouse services

Warehousing services
The huge number of warehouses of classes A and B across all territory of the Russian Federation is at the disposal of the First Customs Company. Our most popular kind of activity is warehouse and logistic services. The distribution centers located in Moscow possess the area of 38 000 sq.m, and in St. Petersburg 74 000 sq.m, also we have warehouses in Novosibirsk, Saratov, Krasnodar, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod and other cities.

Stable work, long-term partnership, allow us to develop every day, thereby opening for us new warehouse square meters. We provide for you and our partners:

Responsible storage;
Storage of perishable goods, goods.
Temporary storage;
Pre-sale preparation of goods;
Drawing stickers;
Local distribution;
The account according to serial numbers;
Utilization of the faulty equipment (SCRAP)
This service, allows the customer to refuse in whole or in part the maintenance of own warehouse, thereby, minimizing own expenses, increasing mobility, reducing time frames. Also if you changed a cargo transportation route, the cargo transportation type was replaced,

Responsible storage
To keep goods in integrity and safety, is the main task of this service. We provide this service with a guarantee, after all in our warehouses we use: fire and security alarm system, responsible personnel, modern warehouse equipment, system of video surveillance.

When warehouse services with clear system of storage are required for you, addressing to our company, you receive the best quality, highly skilled service of warehouses and, the most important, all this is at the acceptable prices.