Transportation of bulky and heavy goods

In practice of transportations quite often there is a need for transportation of production exceeding possibilities of standard motor transport.

“The first Customs Company” renders services of transportation of bulky heavy goods in St. Petersburg and area. It can be various specialized industrial equipment, large-format designs, agricultural machinery, power stations, big capacities, yachts, pavilions, modular buildings, etc.

Objects reckon with the following parameters as the oversized:
Width ≥ 2,65 m. Therefore for transportation of bulky goods specialized tractors with expanded platforms are used;
Length ≥ 14 m (for one object) and 22 meters (for the road train);
Height ≥ 2,6-4 m. To overcome restrictions on height of some transport ways, services of transport transportation of bulky goods of big height are rendered on low-frame platforms;
Weight ≥ 24 t. If the object can’t be transported in parts, there is a need for use of super heavy trucks.
Distinguish some types of oversized transportations:
Lengthy transportations are carried out in cases when the transported object is longer than a platform at least on 2 meters;
The large-size. Transportation of large-size heavy freights is necessary when the object of transportation isn’t located in the standard truck or on a usual platform;
The heavy. Transportation of heavy freights assumes transportation of the objects rendering on motor transport axes loading above admissible level. In similar cases tractors with the strengthened multiaxis platforms are used. Such design not only provides reliability of heavy oversized transportations, but also destroys a roadbed less;
Design oversized heavy transportations in St. Petersburg are used for delivery of parts of one design by different trucks.

The main stages of processing of bulky heavy goods in St. Petersburg
Receiving a similar task, specialists of “the First Customs Company” for a start estimate the sizes, weight and features of freight.

Transportation of large-size and heavy freights can be carried out railway, sea or motor transport. Quite often there is a need for the organization of multimodal transportation.

At first optimum transport is selected and the main and spare scheme of a route is developed. After all because at transport transportation of bulky heavy goods of SPb the truck occupies the road most part, many restrictions both on speed, and on use of the loaded routes are imposed on its movement.

After definition of transport and a transit get the corresponding permission in AVTODOR in the region of loading. If parameters of freight are exceeded by 3,5 m (width), 24 m (total length) and 4,5 m (full height), permission to large-size heavy transportations in St. Petersburg is given only on a condition of the organization of the maintenance equipped with the relevant alarm system.

Then loading of goods by the special crane and its reliable fixing on the vehicle is carried out. Services of transportation of bulky goods also include continuous escort of the expert on all transit.

Pricing for oversized transportations
The cost of transportation of heavy bulky goods is defined by several factors. Among them:

Dimensions of the transported object;
Type of transport for transportation of bulky goods. The prices are lower if the widespread, but not specialized model is used;
Transit length;
Existence and type of restrictions in the region where oversized transportations are carried out. The prices in SPb for interstate transportation are lower, than on the international.
When it is necessary to organize transportation of bulky goods, the best prices in St. Petersburg and the superior quality of services are offered by “the First Customs Company”.

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