The international container shipping of freights across Russia and abroad
Transportation by the sea was and remains an optimum type of transportation of freights. If you have a sufficient stock of time and you wish to save the transportation costs – the international sea container transport will become the favorable decision.

Our partner relationship with transport companies allows to offer clients optimum (from a position of the prices and terms) conditions. We could improve the confidential relations with our partners thanks to which, we receive the best rates of sea freight, and also preferential terms on container cargo delivery.

The integrated approach in the organization of logistics of shipping completely exempts our clients from the excess cares connected with transportation of freights.

In our company you will be able to carry out:

transportation of perishable goods and freights which demand special storage conditions and transportation;
the organization of a freight in containers of various type, including 20’/40’ Dry Van, Tank, Open Top, High Cube, Flat Rack, REF, 45’ HC etc.;
the organization of a freight for freights like bulky, design goods, break bulk, RORO;
works in port, loading and unloading of courts;
filling of all necessary documents;
chartering of courts (type/HEAVYLIFTMPP/RORO, type river sea);
import, export, transit transportations.
Enters the list of our services not only water, but also land transportation, customs registration and preparation of all accompanying documentation.

List of services and types of shipping
The full range of services, the transportation of goods connected with the organization by sea transport is within the remit “First customs company”:

the customs registration including development of contracts, maintenance of control checks of freight, preparation of an accompanying package of documents, obtaining certificates;
transport services – development of optimum schemes of sea freight transportation, formation of a small consignment of goods in one container, warehouse services, insurance, land transportation of freights.
We organize the international sea container transport, and also transportation on the vessels RORO which are intended for any wheel equipment (cars, trucks, trailers, cars, etc.). Also we accompany shipping of dangerous freights with full compliance with the international codes and conventions.

Shipping of freights in the combined container
When you need cargo delivery from North America, Europe, the countries of Southeast Asia, China to Russia, addressing to us, you can be sure of economic and timely receiving freight to the necessary port of Russia.

The most most popular ways of delivery from these directions – either a sea, or air way. The option remains for you, but as we already spoke, transporting freight in the sea way you not bad save means but when time plays not our advantage, it is simple to us not to do without aviadelivery service.

Tariffs for a cargo transportation sea transport
Economic effect of sea transportation of freight from SPb can be increased, having correctly developed the scheme of transportation. The cost of transportation by sea transport miscalculates separately each case. It depends, first of all, on type and the volume of freight.

Our advantage – an individual approach which allows to optimize all powerful factors influencing the final price of sea freight transportation:

the cost and type of delivery of freight from a warehouse of the client to port;
set of customs and port expenses, payment for a freight;
expenses on land delivery of freight in the country of the recipient.
It is very important to choose correctly the container and, if necessary, to use a way of the consolidated container transportation that gives the additional chance to lower expenses.

Accompanying shipping of freights from St. Petersburg, we render to the clients full legal, information and consulting support. Exclusive competence of employees, efficiency of processing of demands, an integrated approach and opportunity to trace freight highly is appreciated by our clients.