Rail transportation

The organization of the international rail transportation of freight and to regions of Russia
It is well known that rail transportation across Russia, and also the international cargo transportation by rail is the most economic way of transportation of freights.

“The first Customs Company” offers the clients of service in the field of rail transportation of freights in Russia, international жд transportations from St. Petersburg, organized according to all norms, technological faultlessness and rational approach.

Than rail transportation is good?
Independence of weather conditions;
Good opportunity to provide a huge stream of large volumes of goods;
Safety of freight when transporting;
Optimum option to lower costs of transportations;
Having entrusted us the freight, you receive delivery of freight by rail in established periods. We will perform all necessary works before transportation, we will develop schemes and drawings of fastenings even before customs registration, thereby having reduced your financial and time expenditure.

Features of rail transportation of freights
Modern practices and the prepared base gives us the chance to transport the most different freights, irrespective of their types, volumes and weight.

Feature of the organization of rail transportation of freights consists in total the factors doing such type of transportation fast and favorable:

Existence of convenient access roads;
Qualitative loading equipment;
Range of cars, capacities and platforms;
Geographical grid of destinations;
Depending on a type of cargo, the way of transportation is selected: it can be the car, capacity, the tank (in a case with liquid). For transportation of not dimension and large-capacity freight the covered cars and standard platforms are most often used.

In non-standard cases we offer services of rail transportation by means of the special rolling stock intended for transportation of dangerous liquid and gaseous freights, and also refrigerators.

Railway platforms, intend for a cargo transportation of timber, cars, and other large-size freights;
Refkonteynera are necessary for transportation of perishable freights which won’t be able a long time is without observance of temperature condition;
The universal covered cars are ideally suited for transportation of cars, the packed goods, personal belongings, etc.;
Gondola cars use for transportation of crushed stone, sand, coal, etc.

The main directions when transporting freights by rail
The geography of transportation is extensive: we organize rail transportation from St. Petersburg across all Russia. The international transportation of freight to the countries of Europe, Southeast Asia and the neighboring countries is also possible.

Our key directions of the intermodal, mixed and combined transportations across Russia:

Central region;
Urals and Siberia;
Far East (including. Southern Sakhalin, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Magadan regions).
Thanks to long-term experience, we with ease carry out the international rail transportation in the following directions:

Neighboring countries;
Southeast Asia;
Tariffs for rail transportation of freights
Clients who wish to use our services, are interested:” How much is жд transportation of freight?”. The answer to this question can be received, having used a convenient form of accounting of service. Than more entrance information will be provided – especially correct will be discharged costs жд transportation of goods.

The cost of rail transportation of freights, as well as any service in transportation, depends on several factors. And we not only will orient regarding the most favorable options at the price, but also we will pick up decisions from a position of reliability and safety of freight.

Our logistic schemes are verified by skilled experts therefore decrease in material inputs and terms, and also increase of safety of freight transportation railway transport is our paramount task. Naturally, it is reached without damage to quality and reliability жд transportation as we bear cargo liability.

The organization of transportation of goods railway transport is, first of all, complex service which includes a number of the accompanying moments:

processing and storage of freight;
registration of customs documentation and insurance;
maintenance of obtaining certified documents;
packing and loading services and so forth.
Therefore also tariffs on жд transportation of goods in many respects depend on need of performance of these works. By experience it is possible to tell that our clients try to avoid a set of formal procedures, assigning all these duties to us. And they arrive correctly as logistic outsourcing is the optimum decision for creation of effective business.