Outsourcing of foreign trade activities

Outsourcing of foreign trade activities represents transfer by the organization of production functions or certain business processes on service of other company which specializes in the corresponding area. Services foreign trade activities are popular both in a circle of business owners, and among the large companies. The first – have no necessary level of preparation and don’t intend to make a mistake, the second – don’t wish to spend funds for search, the contents and training of the regular expert.

Services in maintenance of foreign trade activities – wide prospects without risk and expenses
“The first Customs Company” (FCC LLC) is ready to provide you professional maintenance of foreign economic activity (foreign trade activities) for successful and stable development of business. Our highly qualified specialists provide the fast solution of different problems, promote optimum terms of deliveries, carry out complex service of both the foreign, and domestic companies.

Outsourcing of foreign trade activities (maintenance) includes:
International transport;
Search of the suitable producer or supplier of already final goods;
Conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale with the foreign enterprises;
Customs registration;
In-Russian transportation of production to the recipient;
Competent and honest carrying out financial statements;
Reliable insurance.
Professional maintenance of foreign trade activities allows to make use of experience of the real logistics specialists, to customs registration, management of the international and long-distance transport for providing the best service to clients.

Rendering services foreign trade activities, “the First Customs Company” guarantees legal purity and absolute transparency of all customs procedures and the foreign trade operations as values the reputation of the reliable partner.

Advantages of outsourcing of foreign economic activity in our company:
As freight is checked directly in the country of departure, you receive quality production together with all accompanying documentation;
Outsourcing of foreign trade activities is an economy of your finance, time, reduction of volumes of documentation;
Staff of the company assumes overall responsibility for customs cleaning and transportation of goods;
Maintenance of foreign economic activity exempts you from control of customs, and also from currency payments;
All questions connected with insurance and storage of goods are solved by foreign trade activities agent therefore you don’t have need to be engaged in similar activity;
Outsourcing of foreign trade activities allows to concentrate attention on primary activity of your business, providing, thereby, its competitive advantage;
Your company is completely exempted from various operations connected with purchase of goods.
Regularly carrying out maintenance of foreign economic activity (foreign trade activities), carrying out cargo delivery from the different countries, the staff of “the First Customs Company” perfectly knows all nuances of passing of production through customs, can competently process necessary documents for the minimum terms, guaranteeing not only saving of your time, but also total absence of any problems that is huge advantage before competitors.

Professional services foreign trade activities – your sure way to financial wellbeing!