Multimodal and intermodal transportations

Organization of multimodal and intermodal freight transportation
The companies which are engaged in foreign economic activity, often face need of delivery of goods from foreign countries. In such cases it is expedient to use intermodal and multimodal freight transportation.

For performance of procedure of transportation of goods by 2-3 means of transport the owner of goods needs to cooperate with several transport companies, to issue a large number of documentation and constantly to control movement of the container.

It is more favorable to order the organization of the international intermodal and multimodal transportation of goods from St. Petersburg in “the First Transport Company” (PTK).

Specialists of our company will pick up for you optimum routes, will choose means of transport, pays special attention to the major details allowing to optimize the price and to meet the conceived deadline.

Options of transportation of your freight as within the country, and international way:

Air transportation;
Automobile transportations;
Rail transportation;
The main differences between multimodal and intermodal transportations
Accurate definition of these logistic terms at the moment doesn’t exist. The presented option – only one of ways of interpretation of opinion of experts.

Multimodal freight transportation assumes transportation of goods by several means of transport without violation of integrity of packing of the container. Thus the multimodal transport operator is responsible for freight throughout all transit. One more important factor: multimodal transportation of goods is carried out under one contract and paid for a uniform through tariff rate. Instead of paperwork at each change of a carrier it is enough to issue one contract with our company and to pay only once.

Intermodal transportations are similar multimodal, but have essential distinction. Transportation by this method assumes use of own transport of the company signing the contract with the cargo owner. At a choice of an intermodal method our company undertakes to transport freight throughout all way, or its main part, vehicles from own vehicle fleet. But, as well as at the organization of multimodal transportations, cooperation with the company subcontractor is possible.

Types of multimodal and intermodal transportation of goods
For today it is possible to allocate some versions:

Depending on a freight arrangement:

International multimodal and intermodal transport. It is supposed that the goods route from the seller to the buyer one or several times crosses frontier.
Intermodal and multimodal transportations within the country. In most cases need for interstate modal transportation arises at the organization of transportation “from a door to a door”, processing of non-standard freights, and also in cases when use of several means of transport manages cheaper.
Classification and by freight volume is possible:

Multimodal container transportations are applied to transportation of a large number of the same freights. This option appears the most favorable from the economic point of view, but only in case of a big consignment of goods.
Multimodal transportations of bulky goods assume association in one container of goods of different owners. They allow to save on transportation, but demand the careful organization of process.
In most cases the difference between intermodal and multimodal technologies of freight transportation for the owner is insignificant. Therefore at a choice of a type of transportation it is worth relying on experience of experts.

If you need to organize the international container or oversized multimodal and intermodal transportation of goods or across Russia, simply call us by phones specified on the site. Be sure, skilled logisticians of our company will execute everything accurately and effectively.