Moving of office and warehouse

Moving of office with our help, will become for you a simple event.
Our company carries out office moving, extremely quick and not causing damage to office property. Sorting and packing office furniture, packing small subjects and office equipment into boxes, covering a floor and walls with a sheeting, all this is necessary for competent and safe moving. Thanks to long-term experience, we select optimum routes, we consider load of a city traffic, we appoint real delivery periods and giving of crew for moving.

At the disposal of our company are available:

equipment and transport
highly skilled crews
the fulfilled technologies
We can also carry out arrangement of furniture according to your wishes. We pay special attention to saving of all documentation and fragile things.

Dismantling of furniture and assembly of furniture
Packing of furniture and office equipment of the customer
Arrangement according to the approved plan
Export and utilization of the used packing material
We will promote you, not to break rate of work of office, due to detailed planning of all stages of work. Contact our manager, having carefully discussed all nuances of moving, having taken into consideration all your wishes, we will be able to make the detailed estimate and we will send you the offer.