Logistic services.

“The first Customs Company” renders a complex of logistic services which includes all chain of processing of freights: since processing and paperwork – finishing with delivery at the destination.

Main values of our company: reliability, efficiency and professionalism. On these three pillars our work is constructed. A set of positive responses from the clients who are regularly using our logistic services in SPb to that confirmation.

Our specialization is a full complex of logistic services
The variety and complexity of services of our logistic company is caused by existence of a set of the specific nuances demanding involvement of skilled professionals. One of the qualities distinguishing us from the competitive environment – existence of an individual approach in the solution of the most complex challenges.

Our specialization is a full complex of logistic services which enters:

Warehousing. By means of branched system of warehouse across all territory of the Russian Federation, we organize long and short-term storage of freights. Thus we take the responsibility for safety of property, and also timely redistribution and sending it from warehouses. For this purpose there are all necessary components: the modern equipment and loading equipment, high-quality security and fire systems, the adjusted scheme of transportation.
Processing of freight. We one of the few logistic companies of St. Petersburg who offer the clients multistage processing of freight. And it concerns not only registrations of all documents, necessary for transportation, but also preparatory actions, such as: assignment of serial numbers for the account, pre-sale preparation, drawing information stickers, sorting. Also complex logistic services assume carrying out inventories with the subsequent registration of reports.
Transportation services. Transportation of freight is the main stage of logistic process. We have long-term steady business communications with the largest transport companies on all types of transport: avia, railroad, car and sea. The integrated approach means performance of all stages of passing of freight, including its land moving to a point of sending and collecting accompanying documentation.

Cost of the organization of logistic services (logistic outsourcing)
The prices of rendering a full complex of logistic services are formed under the influence of a set of factors. Understanding importance of competent management of financial resources of our clients, we created the interaction model focused on the maximum economy without loss in quality.

What does it mean? First of all – a choice of optimum means of transport and routes, selection of containers and cars according to dimensions, weight and features of freight, and also a complete set of combined freights and multimodal transportation.

The organization of logistic services assumes attraction of a large number of subcontractors which cost of services also influences the final price for our clients. The pursuit of low cost can sometimes threaten with quality loss, however our services are distinguished from other transport and logistic companies of St. Petersburg with scrupulous approach to implementation of each assumed obligation.

As a result, relying on some parameters of freight (its volume, weight, features of transportation), and also on storage conditions, registrations and transportations, we make logistic outsourcing at a quality limit.

The economical and reliable logistics is the best choice for your business.