International road haulage

International transport of freights motor transport
Automobile international cargo transportation is one of the most demanded types of transportation of various freights.

“The first customs company” actively works and constantly improves this direction. High speed and safety of delivery abroad the most different freights – the main characteristics of automobile transportation. We have impressive experience of providing these services that allows to guarantee to our clients the exclusive level of service.

Services of the international automobile transportation
Irrespective of types and the tonnage of objects of transportation, we render services in international transport of freights motor transport.

Enters service in the organization of the international automobile transport:

customs registration;
development of a route;
loading and unloading works (if necessary);
Our logisticians study routes to the smallest details, considering all features of transportation:

quantity of check points;
restrictions on the weight and dimensions of cars;
paid sites and road condition;
and also other nuances.
We carry out international transport by motor transport of the following freights:

combined (complete);
the large-capacity;
the oversized;
the bulk;
the perishable;
the valuable;
the dangerous.
Depending on the above types of cargo also motor transport type is selected. It can be the refrigerators providing a certain level of temperature, the tank for liquid freights, the containers transported on special platforms and so forth.

Also service of the international transportation of goods by the motor transport in the multimodal scheme when in one route some types of transport are used can be provided. Such combination allows to combine financial benefit with saving of time that is optimum option for the large industrial enterprises which are constantly using these services.

During multimodal transportation we will carry out delivery of freight in seaport or the airport in the land way, and also we will provide unloading, loading, registration, an insurance, maintenance, check and other services.

Transportation of bulky goods
Let’s sort this moment in more detail. Our experts in the smallest details inspect all route, carefully studying all obstacles in a way, width of roads, height of bridges, finding of the high voltage line. In such cases the escort car is simply necessary, it is about bulky goods, and it means that the increased safety is simply necessary.

Transportation of valuable freights
We pay close attention to transportation of values. Valuable freight it is possible to call what have high cost, and also fragile freights. Often it is the objects of art, jewelry, antiques, ware, porcelain and the subjects of utensils having high archaeological and art value, but being fragile.

Transportation of dangerous freights
Transportation of such type of cargo, is object of the increased danger, after all it is about the motor transport. We minimize all risks, following all international rules of transportation of dangerous freights, the extensive experience allows us to undertake such transportations which others can refuse safely.

Tariffs for the international cargo transportation
Rational approach in the course of the organization of the international automobile transportation of goods allows our clients to save the time, efforts and money as we carry out adaptation of standard routes under their wishes. The final cost of international transport depends on the criteria specified by the client.

If the urgent order is necessary for you – that its price can be higher in connection with efficiency of study and performance.

At pricing for the international cargo transportation tariffs of the motor transportation companies (carriers) with which we concluded partner agreements are important. Also it is necessary to consider customs duties, taxes and payment of roads on the corresponding sites.

Besides, it is necessary to take additional services which expediency of attraction is defined in each case into account. For example, at transportation of valuable or dangerous freights forwarding (maintenance) of freight which is paid in addition is required.

However the major pricing factors are the distance, volume of freight and a type of the used motor transport (loading capacity, technical parameters). All this miscalculates at a stage of consultation with our employees during which clients receive full information on the logistic scheme of delivery of their freight.

Having addressed to “The first customs company” for the order of the international transport transportation of freight from St. Petersburg, you can always count on competent and expeditious service.