Customs clearance of goods and freights

Most of representatives of small and medium business should spend a lot of time on border, being engaged in a customs clearance of goods and combined freights. And the delay of deliveries often leads to problems on production (if materials or accessories) and in outlets (on delivery ready-made products are delivered).

Having used services in a customs clearance of freights and goods “First Customs Company”, you obtain a guarantee of stability of foreign deliveries and you will cease to incur losses because of production delays on border.

How much is a goods/freight customs clearance in Russia?
Enters the cost of a customs clearance of goods or freight:

customs duty;
value added tax;
various customs payments and charges.
If you decide to avoid unpleasant situations when cleaning goods, the sum to increase by the price of broker services in a customs clearance of freights. But thanks to it production it will be timely and it is perfectly safe delivered in a terminal point of appointment.

The following factors have considerable impact on the total cost of a customs clearance of freights and goods:

the country of goods’ origin (additional certificates, especially on food from tropical regions sometimes are required);
goods type (services in a customs clearance of perishable goods it is more difficult);
freight volume/weight. Large-size containers with a big weight are more problematic in processing therefore services in a customs clearance of such freights are slightly more expensive.
Knowing a customs product code, it is possible to determine the cost of a customs clearance of freights approximately. To you our broker will help to determine the exact sum.

Why it is worth ordering a freight customs clearance in “the First Customs Company”?
Our experts carefully studied all nuances of procedure and adjusted cooperation with representatives of customs services therefore are capable to execute a customs clearance of goods and freights several times quicker, than their owner;
Ordering services in a customs clearance of goods in the professional, you can be confident in safety of the freight. It will track, behind observance of rules of storage, the careful relation to fragile things and will prevent possibility of damage of production on border;
Customs cleaning of goods from the different countries has the features. Experience of the customs broker allows to consider them and in time to order examination, to process the necessary documents, to execute an assessment and to get additional permissions;
The broker help in a customs clearance of freight is a guarantee of the correct registration of all package of necessary documents. Mistakes when determining the TNVED codes and filling declarations are completely excluded;
We provide services in a customs clearance of various goods: from large-size cars to costume jewelry and cosmetics, and also we carry out a customs clearance of combined freights;
Goods customs clearance cost the broker appears much less, than losses which are incurred by owners because of damage of products on border;
Our system of transportations is ideally adjusted therefore your freight will arrive precisely in time, irrespective of weather and range of a way. Routes are developed taking into account features of the road, transport and the delivered goods.
To order the help in a customs clearance of freight or goods, professional consultation or to specify the cost of services, you can by contact phone: 8-800-500-64-35.