Customs cleaning of freights and goods

Customs cleaning of freight or goods is a service which includes a complex of actions for registration of freights from abroad. This procedure is obligatory, demands existence of professional knowledge, a wide experience, and also the corresponding skills.

The slightest mistakes at registration, absence of necessary documents can lead to a goods delay on border, and also to become the reason of imposing of penalties.

Therefore performance of such service as customs cleaning of goods or freight needs to be entrusted highly qualified specialists of “the First Customs Company”. Thanks to knowledge of all subtleties of this procedure, an extensive experience and fast response to the slightest changes, our employees will save your money and time.

Customs cleaning includes such procedures:
Filling of necessary documents;
Optimization, calculation and implementation of payment of obligatory collecting and customs duties;
Collecting the accompanying documentation;
Obtaining numerous permissions.
Necessary documents for customs cleaning
To the basic documents necessary for implementation of this procedure, belong:

Accreditation of the subject of foreign trade activities;
External economic contract of the company or firm;
Shipping documents;
Book of road long-distance transportation;
Commodity-transport consignment note;
Documents of control of delivery of production;
Payment of various customs payments (duty, VAT, duties);
The passport of the person which makes out goods.
Customs cleaning of inward cargoes also assumes existence of other documents which depend on character of production (for example, specifications, the sanitary and epidemiological conclusions and so forth)

How cost on similar service is formed?
The cost of customs cleaning is influenced by a set of factors: category of goods, weight, a way of transportation, type and quantity of the transport which is engaged in its import.

The cost of customs cleaning of freight or goods increases in case for import of production it is necessary to make out permissions of departmental instances, licenses, certificates of conformity.

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