Container rail transportation

Transportation of containers across Russia and abroad
Reliability, speed, economy is three qualities with which it is possible to characterize railway container transportation of goods across Russia.

“The first customs company” provides this service for those who needs to transport large-capacity, non-standard, bulky goods. Rail transportation has a number of advantages before other types of transportation therefore it is very popular and demanded at our clients.

Organization of container ZhD-transportations
To be convinced that at the order of container transportations of the Russian Railway you gain the maximum economic effect, it is worth counting the approximate cost of such transportation of freight. For this purpose it is necessary to use the simple and convenient form presented above this page. Our experts in the shortest possible time will make calculation, and you will be able to estimate competitive advantages of ZhD-transportation of freight by the container against delivery by plane or motor transport.

Further the stage at which all specific features of the order are considered follows. We try to display most precisely the client’s wishes by drawing up the scheme of transportation. You can be sure that the optimum will be chosen from all possible routes.

The international container rail transportations and transportation of containers across Russia demand correctly organized processing of freight and high-quality loading. When transporting greatest attention is paid to safety of goods. We control each site of this multi-stage action, including loading works. During formation of party freight has to be packed to boxes which are located in the container. Sealing by the established rules is surely carried out.

Container transportation of goods across Russia and abroad is carried out from St. Petersburg with the help the fitingovykh of platforms which thanks to perfect system of fastenings reliably hold freight. And the type of the container is selected depending on characteristics of the transported freight: if it is perishable goods or goods which transportation demands a certain range of temperatures, – refkonteyner (refrigerators) equipped with refrigeration units use.

Geography of container transportations
Thanks to the worked system of routes, and also the settled partner communications with the companies carriers, we can offer the clients the international container transport and transportation across Russia of any freights, irrespective of their value, urgency, type and the tonnage.

We will deliver your freight in any corner of our country, even the most remote. We ship structures to the countries of Europe, China, Southeast Asia and, of course, to the neighboring countries outward. Thus all scheme of transportation is displayed in the client contract, features of freight and terms of implementation of obligations are recorded in the same place. At any stage of the organization of container transportations our clients can check the freight location.

How much is ZhD transportation of containers?
As it was told above, the cost of transportation of containers on ZhD is much lower than an avia – or autotransportations. It is reached thanks to branched system of railway transport which connects the most remote countries.

We practice not only a straight line, but also the mixed delivery at which the price of container transportation of the Russian Railway is supplemented with the cost of transportation by other means of transport. It becomes for optimization of a route or reduction of time.

In general, the low cost of container transportation by means of ZhD-transport at high quality of services from “the First Customs Company” will pleasantly surprise our clients.