Customs broker

In many countries customs cleaning on border happens only through customs representatives. And in Russia is many companies, participants of the international market who already estimated advantages of work through brokers.

The customs declarant (the broker, the customs representative) is the person or the organization who is engaged in customs cleaning of freights and goods which are transported through country border on terms of the contract with the cargo owner.

Implementation of similar activity is possible only after obtaining the license in the Public customs service. In need of service of the customs broker can cover all types of interaction of participants of foreign trade activities with public authorities.

Customs broker: maintenance of freights from And to I
“The first Customs Company” (FCC LLC) – the large international customs broker in St. Petersburg. Our regular customers appreciate the time and charge us performance of a customs clearance of the most difficult parties of freights.

What is included in the price of services of the customs broker?
Customs the representative of “PTK” the following operations will execute for you:

The customs representative in St. Petersburg will issue a full package of accompanying documentation according to type of freight and the country of the sender. You can be sure of correctness of filling of all papers and determination of customs cost. The customs declarant (broker) is also engaged in the organization of check of freight. Necessary actions depend on a type of goods. For example, agricultural production is exposed phytosanitary or veterinary (for livestock products) to control by bodies of Rosselkhoznadzor;
The correct classification of production – one of the most difficult stages of the customs cleaning which is carried out by the customs representative of SPb. The size of customs duties considerably depends on a code of product range of foreign trade activities. Our employees will pick up the most favorable to you option;
Services of the customs representative also include consulting actions. You can receive free of charge the help from the specialist in contact phone on weekdays of week;
PTK is engaged in support of foreign economic activity of clients. The international customs broker carries out development of the foreign trade contracts, advises concerning customs and foreign trade activities, and also carries out a complex of additional actions;
One more direction of our activity – forwarding services. The department of logistics develops schemes of difficult transportations of combined freights and large-size containers. At the request of the client, the representative of “the First Customs Company” will organize transportations of goods, freight will insure, will provide protection and the specialist in maintenance.
If you aren’t sure, whether we provide all complex of services necessary for you, make a call on by phone of the free hot line 8-800-500-64-35.

Why you need the broker of “the First Customs Company”?
The established relations with foreign and Russian partners allow us to fulfill the obligations in the most short time;
The cost of services of the customs broker completely pays off due to decrease in customs payments. Thus all using methods of economy are absolutely lawful;
The range of the services provided by us is very wide. Thus we don’t involve foreign experts to work with clients, brokers, logisticians, lawyers are on our staff;
Service prices of our customs broker (representative) don’t include a price markup and are formed proceeding from the real expenses necessary for the organization of transportation of freight;
We guarantee full safety of your goods.
If you look for the reliable and large customs broker in St. Petersburg, address to “the First Customs Company”. Because responsibility – the main principle in work of our customs representatives.