Customs registration of goods and freights

All organizations which are engaged in foreign economic activity regularly face need to carry out customs registration of goods and freights. This complex of procedures demands a lot of time and efforts that often leads to inadvertent delays at customs and can negatively affect reputation of the organization.

“The first Customs Company” quickly renders (FCC LLC) services in customs registration of goods and freights in St. Petersburg irrespective of their version, a way of delivery and the country of origin.

Understanding as reliability and efficiency when exporting, importing and re-export of freights and goods is strongly necessary, we render full range of services:

we render competent consultations;
we prepare a full package of customs documents;
we develop the foreign trade contracts;
we promote obtaining necessary certificates and permissions;
we define the TNVED codes;
help in passing of different types of control;
expert opinions;
declaring of freights;
technical specifications;
and the other services influencing customs registration.
In our company you will be able to use any convenient way of sending. Having the adjusted system of transportations in a stock, we don’t depend on time frames and weather conditions, and we can develop for you unique routes and schemes of customs operations which will allow to optimize substantially your time and monetary expenditure.

Advantages of cooperation with FCC LLC
The order of the organization of customs registration of goods and freights is accurately fixed in legislative base of the Russian Federation, and it is possible to use the simplified option only in special cases. But our brokers are capable to organize work of team so that to carry out all procedures in the minimum terms;
The wrong determination of the price at customs registration, especially on delivery goods from China, can lead to considerable problems on border. Our customs representatives own experience which helps to avoid similar mistakes;
Customs registration of import and export of goods differs in characteristics to which owners of freight often don’t pay attention. The representative of FCC LLC will issue a full package of documents according to all requirements;
Our company renders services in customs registration of import, export and re-export of goods of various categories not only for legal, but also for natural persons. Processing of large-size and valuable freights is possible;
At the request of the client we take the responsibility not only for customs registration of freights in SPb, but also for storage and delivery of goods in point specified by the client. If necessary we will track all way of goods directly from the sender’s warehouse;
We carry out customs registration of goods and freights for legal entities and individuals in St. Petersburg in full accordance with new rules of federal customs. The staff of the company constantly watches updatings in time to react to any changes in procedure;
When there is a need to return to the foreign sender a parcel, employees of PTK in the shortest possible time carry out customs registration of re-export. All operations from obtaining permission to re-export before return of the means spent for customs cleaning, are carried out according to the Customs Code of the Customs Union (chapter 40) and the Federal legislation (chapter 37).
Cost of customs registration
Making out freights and goods on border it is independent, you risk to overpay the considerable sum. Brokers of “the First Customs Company” at customs registration of imported goods and freights carefully count values of ad valorem rates, payments for warehousing, costs of obtaining certificates and other expenses that the price of customs registration paid by you was minimum. When processing excise production are taken into account and excises.

Export customs registration under supervision of the broker often appears cheaper, than independent. Thus it should be taken into account that the owner of goods who cooperates with our company, shouldn’t spend time at customs and to penetrate into nuances of procedure.

Our online consultant will help to determine the exact cost of customs registration of your freight or goods. You can receive definite answers on the questions at any convenient time.

To order the organization of customs registration of the goods and freights, call our representative according to the memorable number 8-800-500-64-35.

All issues will be resolved successfully and quickly!