Cargo transportation across Russia

The organization of transportation of goods from St. Petersburg
Transport long-distance transportation of goods across Russia gives the chance to each its inhabitant to use the wide range of goods of domestic and foreign production. On statistical data, activity of use of this way of delivery constantly increases.

Addressing to our transport company for the organization of a long-distance cargo transportation from St. Petersburg, you receive a full complex of services, beginning from packing of goods before delivery of production with the refrigerator, truck in a terminal point of appointment.

We have own vehicle fleet and in our staff only qualified specialists work. You can order services in a cargo transportation in Russia and the neighboring countries any transport.

Transportation of freight by motor transport across Russia
Autocargo transportation across Russia is especially actual for movement of small volumes of goods on average distances. But, quite often autodelivery is expedient in case of lengthening of a route.

In particular, it concerns a transport automobile cargo transportation across Russia refrigerators which are carried out for delivery of perishable goods of food. The same way is considered optimum option for the goods demanding creation of special storage conditions and transportation.

“The first Customs Company” provides a cargo transportation from SPb on the cities of Russia with own vehicles and by means of subcontractors. Such approach allows to pick up optimum suitable transport for each case.

The price of transportation of goods by trucks across Russia from St. Petersburg pays off individually, depending on complexity of a way, a type of the vehicle and type of goods. Logisticians of our transport company will develop the optimum scheme of a route which will provide fast autodelivery at the minimum expenses.

Rail transportation of freights across Russia
Rail transportation of freights across Russia (Russian Railway) is the most favorable way of delivery of heavy and large-size freights to long distances. But this option best of all is suitable for transportation of bulks, construction equipment, a metalwork.

To transport ready-made products of food by means of the Russian Railway of transportation across Russia, and also fragile and valuable objects it is undesirable. It is connected with that similar goods demand care which is difficult for providing in the train.

Cargo transportation the railroad across Russia differs in several features, in particular, doesn’t give considerable freedom at a route choice. Besides, there are restrictions on points of delivery that complicates distribution of small parties on small settlements.

The best results are brought by use of rail transportation of freights when lengthening a way of goods, and also as a part of multimodal transportations.

Quotations on a cargo transportation of freights across Russia
The prices of services and total cost of a cargo transportation on the cities of Russia can differ significantly seasonally. As a rule, the minimum rate is observed at the beginning of June, and maximum – at the end of December. Such fluctuations of the price of long-distance transportation of goods across Russia are connected not only with a road condition. Also activization of commodity turnover during the New Year’s Eve period is of great importance.

Calculation of a railway cargo transportation for Russia and long-distance transportations by the motor transport is carried out individually for each case, taking into account the operating tariffs.

How many there is cargo transportation across Russia from FCC LLC?
To carry out predesign of cost of a cargo transportation across Russia, it is possible to specify tariffs during primary consultation. The manager of our transport company will make an assessment on the basis of data on other similar transportations which were carried out by “the First Customs Company”. But the total price of a cargo transportation across Russia can change in connection with features of goods or a way of its following.

You know the total result after detailed development of a route and selection of the vehicle or their complex.

To use services of FCC LLC transport company in transportation of goods from St. Petersburg, dial contact number 8-800-500-64-35.