Air transportation of freights

Aviadelivery across Russia and to foreign countries
For “The first customs company” air transportation of freights across Russia, the CIS countries and the neighboring countries is one of the main services.

In recent years the given type of cargo transportation becomes the most popular and objectively favorable. The extensive network of points of delivery and democratization of tariffs for air transportation of freights is the reason for that.

Our services in the organization of cargo air transportation from Moscow, St. Petersburg, China and other points are focused on convenience of the client: You can always count on an individual approach and complex decisions which will help to save.

Cargo air transportation with our company is:
Short delivery periods;
High level of service;
Lack of restrictions on dimensions or weight of the provided freight;
Wide geography of air transportation;
Opportunity to trace delivery in the On-line mode.
The main feature of our company at the organization of cargo air transportation is possibility of aviadelivery of freight in any point of the world. So far as concerns bulky goods, or a hard-to-reach spot, we use multimodal option of delivery.

Most often order aviadelivery:
Flowers, both svezhesrezanny, and pottery;
Perishable goods;
Heavy and large-size freight.


Features of air transportation of goods
The main characteristic distinguishing transportation of various freights by air from other types of transportation is a speed. In certain cases she plays a crucial role in logistic process. It concerns perishable freights (for example, products, drugs or fresh flowers). Losses from damage of freight as a result of long transportation are incomparable with a difference in tariffs of other types of transport.

The wide network of destinations is very important – by means of our organization of transportation of goods by air transport you will be able to make sending to the most remote corners of the world (including on the island countries) where there is no opportunity to reach by land, and to carry freight by sea it turns out very long.

Thus we assume such obligations:

Expeditious and professional customs registration of freight;
Preparation of accompanying documentation according to the international legislation;
Assistance in an insurance and registration of various certificates (including conclusions of sanitary and epidemiologic service);
Land delivery of freight to a sending place, its processing, storage and loading.
Air transportation of dangerous freights
Not always it is possible to refer certainly the transported freight to category dangerous or safe. It is correct define its type only the expert owning bases of classification of freights of International Civil Aviation Organization can. The special instruction which regulates the organization of transportations of dangerous freights by air transport is for this purpose developed.

In compliance of the technical instruction, it is possible to transport by air the freight relating to category dangerous, which:

Классифицированв compliance to certain classes of danger, with certain numbers of the UN and groups of packing.
It is properly marked (signs, the designating pravilaobrabotka are appropriated).
It is packed into special materials according to the above instruction.
Transportation of dangerous freights by air is the difficult work demanding responsible and professional approach. “The first Customs Company” with success copes with similar tasks for a long time therefore we can speak with confidence about our positive experience in this sphere.

Tariffs for air transportation of freights
Carrying out air transportation of freight from Moscow and St. Petersburg, we always propose to clients favorable solutions in respect of terms and cost. When there is a reserve in time or there are features of the transported freight, we offer multimodal option of transportation at which the combination of types of transport according to logistic expediency and wishes of clients is carried out.

The final cost of cargo air transportation across Russia and to the countries of the abroad depends on set of several factors (the volume, weight, type of freight, urgency, distance of transportation, tariffs of the companies air carriers and so forth). Anyway, optimum options of transportation of goods by air transport, proceeding from criteria which are important Yim will be offered you